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What is the Blood Brain Barrier? Part 1 of a Series

Welcome to our new blog series about the blood brain barrier (BBB)! In Part 1, we will give a brief history on the discovery of the BBB, as well as introduce what we know about its composition and biological functions. The blood brain barrier or BBB is a highly regulated selective biological barrier situated at the blood to brain interface. In simple terms, the role of the BBB is to separate the brain from the rest of the body. This physical separation protects the neurons and glial cells and maintains brain homeostasis by preventing pathogens, drugs, and other potentially harmful agents (such as certain large water-soluble molecules) that may be present in circulating blood from...

Tempo-iMG™: Targeting Solutions for HIV

Tempo-iMG™, human iPSC-derived microglia, was used in a follow-up study cited in This study expanded on a previous discovery showing that healthy microglia were able to silence HIV.  Citation Summary In the current study, scientists from Case Western Reserve...

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TempoATP™: an Assay That Performs

TempoATP™-Rapid: ATP Biosensor Assay, a fluorescent biosensor, was recently used in a study cited in TempoATP™ offers fast kinetics (resolution is in seconds) in measuring real-time cellular ATP metabolism and cytotoxicity. In this study scientists from...

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Microfluidic Chips

"Fluidics" is the information extracted from bodily fluids and the understanding of liquids or fluids using small diameter volumes. Hippocrates (400 BC), Galen (200 AD) and Theophilus (700 AD) were interested in analyzing urine samples -- to understand the human body...

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Thirty (30) years ago, exosomes were first described as extracellular vesicles (References 1 and 5). Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are cell derived membrane structures. They are secreted as a result of fusions between intracellular endosomes and the plasma membrane. ...

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