Human iPSC-derived Osteoblasts


Human iPSC-derived Osteoblasts

Tempo-iOsteo™ cells are human iPSC-derived osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are specialized cell types derived from the mesenchymal stem cells lineage. They contribute to human bone formation. Osteoblasts synthesize collagen and express specialized proteins such as osteoclacin and osteopontin. As an organized group of connected cells, osteoblasts form part of the mineralized matrix. The matrix is part of the crucial skeletal support for humans. Mineralization is part of human’s physiological homeostasis, such as acid-base balance, calcium or potassium maintenance. The iOsteo cells serve as a model system to examine bone mineralization, matrix formation for skeletal systems, bone remodeling, and bone metabolism. The iOsteo models can be used to uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying bone loss, osteoporosis, osteoclast inhibition, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma, and bone matrix formation.

Tempo-iOsteo™ are reprogrammed using our proprietary serum-free, virus-fre, nucleic-acids-free, feeder-free, and integration-free technology.. They expression biomarkers: Osteocalcin, COL1A1, FLT1, Bone Sialoprotein, RUNX2, and SPP1 (q/RT-PCR data not shown). Bone mineralization data (Alizarin S Red; 530nm absorbance data) are shown.

Tempo-iOsteo™ healthy donor, Alizarin S Red assay

Tempo-iOsteo™ Alizarin S Red assay

Tempo-iOsteo™ healthy donor, Alizarin S Red assay

Tempo-iOsteo™ as a group of connected cells


Tempo-iOsteo™ are intended for basic scientific research, drug discovery and therapeutics development use only. It is not a product for human testing or diagnostics.

Phenotypic Assays

High Content Imaging

Biomarker Discovery

Cytotoxicity Assays

Target Validation

Lead Optimization

Investigative Toxicology

Nonclinical Efficacy Evalutions

Live-cell Imaging

2D & 3D Cell Culture

Biomarker Authentication


Characterizations performed: biomarker confirmations; Alizarin S Red assay; functional secretion assays (upon request).

Approximate turn-around time: ~14-16 weeks (from fibroblasts or blood) and ~6-9 weeks (for iPSCs)

Sample requirements: human fibroblasts or iPSCs, ~5×10^5 cells. Please contact us, if you’d prefer to use blood samples

Technology used: an in-house developed proprietary serum-free, virus-free, nucleic-acids-free, feeder-free, and integration-free technology.

Deliverables: >2×10^6 cells (scale-up possible). BioSafety Level 2.

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