Human iPSC-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells


Human iPSC-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells (“MSCs”) are non-haematopoietic, multipotent stromal stem cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types, including: osteoblasts, chondrocytes, myocytes, and adipocytes. Tempo-iMSCTM are human iPSC-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Tempo-iMSCTM express cell surface markers such as CD73, CD90, CD166, and CD105, in addition to Oct4 and Nanog. This expression profile is predictive of the long-term proliferative capacity of cultured human MSCs (see reference: here). MSCs have immunomodulatory features, secrete cytokines and immune-receptors which regulate the microenvironment in the host tissue and they have multi-lineage potentials for a variety of cell types. MSCs can be used in a variety of screening applications, from screening biologics and small molecules to siRNAs. Due to MSCs’ ability to self-renew (= growth without differentiation), they are easily scalable for running large-scale assays.

NEW! For scientists working on exosomes, please email us for conditional media for exosome extractions and biomarker validations.

NEW! For scientists working on CD34+ HSCs, please email us regarding Tempo-iHSCTM (SKU214; Custom Requests Only).

Tempo-iMSC™ Immunocytochemistry: anti-human-Nanog (CST)

Tempo-iMSC™ Immunocytochemistry: anti-human-Oct4 (CST)

Tempo-iMSC™ RT-PCR data (left-to-right): CD90/Thy1, CD105, CD166, Oct4, Nanog

Tempo-iMSC™, monolayer, 9 days post-thaw

Tempo-iMSC™, monolayer, 10 days post-thaw


Tempo-iMSC™ are intended for basic scientific research, drug discovery and therapeutics development use only. It is not a product for human testing or diagnostics.

Developmental studies

Biomarker discoveries and validations

In vitro assays using MSCs (e.g., cytokine release assays)

Large-scale compound screenings

Lineage differentiation studies


~1.25 x10^6 cells per 1ml of freezing medium (vial)

Long-term Storage: liquid nitrogen

Growth Properties: adherent monolayer

Storage: remove cryovials (dry ice packaging) and place the vial into liquid nitrogen for storage. Alternatively, thaw and use the cells immediately.

Technology used: in-house developed proprietary serum-free, virus-free, nucleic-acids-free, feeder-free, and integration-free technology.

Starting Materials: human dermal/fibroblast cells

QC: Sterility, Safety (BioSafety Level 2), HIV/viruses, bacteria, fungi: negative. Cell viability post-thawing (>90%)

Tempo-iMSC™ SKU209


Tempo-iMG™: Architectural Strategies

Tempo-iMG™: Architectural Strategies

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