Cell Culture Solutions

Ready-to-use, serum-free

Cell Culture Solutions

Our qualified cell culture media are “ready-to-use, serum-free” formulations, specifically designed and optimized for your chosen cell types. Simply select your cell type and email us for cell culture solutions!

Tempo Cell Culture Solutions

Frequently Requested:

  1. Tempo-iOligo™ Growth Medium
  2. Tempo-iOligo™ Maturation Medium
  3. Tempo-iMono™ Cell Culture Medium
  4. Tempo-iMG™ Maintenance Medium
  5. Tempo-iKidneyPod™ Maintenance Medium
  6. Tempo-iSenso™ Maintenance Medium
  7. Tempo-iAstro™ Cell Culture Medium
  8. Tempo-iSchwann™ Cell Culture Medium
  9. Tempo-iPhago™ Cell Culture Medium
  10. Tempo-iNStem™ Maintenance Medium
  11. Tempo-iCort™ Neuronal Maintenance Medium
  12. Tempo-iDopaNer™ Neuronal Maintenance Medium
  13. Tempo-iMotorNer™ Neuronal Maintenance Medium
  14. Tempo-iRPE™ Cell Culture Medium
  15. Tempo-iOsteo™ Maintenance Medium
  16. Tempo-iMSC™ Maintenance Medium
  17. Tempo-iHep3D™ Maintenance Medium
  18. Tempo-iHep3D™ Long-term Maintenance Medium
  19. Tempo-iCardio™ Maintenance Medium
  20. TempoStemBank™ -iPSC Cell Culture Medium
  21. TempoStemBank™ -iPSC Starter Culture Medium (NHP)
  22. Tempo-iCort™ Neuronal Long-Term Maintenance Medium
  23. Tempo-iMel™ Maintenance Medium
  24. Tempo-iBMEC™ Maintenance Medium
  25. Tempo-iPeri™ Cell Culture Medium
  26. Tempo-iLSEC™ Maintenance Medium
  27. Tempo-iKupffer™ Cell Culture Medium
  28. Tempo-iHepStellate™ Cell Culture Medium


Products are intended for scientific research, drug discovery, and therapeutics development use only. It is not a product for human testing, therapeutics, or diagnostics.

*Standard size: 50mL per bottle