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Tempo Bioscience is featured as the Cover Story in the 2021 Top10 Biotech Startups by Pharma Tech Outlook. Click here for the digital issue.

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Tempo Bioscience Expands Patient-Relevant iPSC-Derived Cell Models

  • Tempo-iSchwann™    Human iPSC-derived Schwann Cells
  • Tempo-iCardio™        Human iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes
  • Tempo-iKidneyPod™ Human iPSC-derived Kidney Proximal Tubules & Podocytes 3D Spheroids
  • Tempo-iMono™          Human iPSC-derived CD14+ Monocytes
  • Tempo-iPhago™         Human iPSC-derived Phagocytes

(Announcement via BusinessWire here)

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