Tempo Bioscience Expands Patient-Relevant Blood-Brain-Barrier Models for Drug Development

Oct 19, 2022 | News

SAN FRANCISCO, CA —Tempo Bioscience, Inc. (“Tempo”) a privately-held biotechnology company based in San Francisco, California, has released new human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived cell products and affiliated cell-based services in the following categories:

Tempo-iBMEC™    Human iPSC-derived Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
Tempo-iPeri™        Human iPSC-derived Pericytes

Tempo-iBMEC™ and Tempo-iPeri™ are critical for establishing patient-relevant blood-brain-barrier models to improve the drug development process for a growing number of therapeutic modalities (e.g., small molecules, biologics, gene therapies, CAR-T/NK therapies, siRNA/mRNA therapies). Combining these new products with existing products from Tempo, the human blood-brain-barrier is shown to be an orchestrated, dynamic and regulated barrier.

These new products add to the already-existing Tempo Bioscience product lines and expand the TempoStemBank™ Disease Model offerings. Currently, more than twenty-two iPSC-derivative cell types are offered to create patient-relevant disease models. TempoATP™, TempoMito™, TempoCal™, TempoO2™ and TempoVol™ biosensors are live-cell reporters of cellular, mitochondrial, and cytotoxicity functions.

Tempo Bioscience is the sole manufacturer of human iPSC-derived cell types that are engineered using non-viral, nucleic-acids-free, serum-free, and feeder-free technologies. Tempo is committed to advancing technologies that focus on disease modeling and drug safety evaluations using advanced human iPSC-derived cell models in 2D, as well as in 3D as spheroids or organoids. Tempo’s patient-relevant cell models aim to improve drug efficacy evaluations and safety assessments during drug development.

About Tempo Bioscience, Inc.: Tempo is a technology development focused biotechnology company based in San Francisco, California. Tempo develops and manufactures human iPSC-based biosensor enabling technologies for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and consumer product industries. For more information on Tempo, please visit our home page: https://www.tempobioscience.com. Follow us on LinkedIn.

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