Tempo Bioscience Custom Projects

Partnering with Tempo
expedites assay development

Efficient Assay Development + Accurate Data = Better Decisions.

Our science team is an experienced group of PhD-level scientists within Tempo Bioscience. We understand that time is of the essence during drug development. Our team collaborates with your team to develop SOPs/protocols for your proprietary assays — from assessment and design to validation. Lower cost. Shorter assay development timelines.

Efficient Assay Development

Obtain assay designs and proof-of-concept data with speed and confidence. Tempo’s motto is “Trust Your Cells. Change Your Model.” We are super passionate about our cell models and want to help you maximize their utilities and benefits wherever applicable. >90% of our assay projects are completed successfully within a short defined timeline

Accurate Data

Relying on human relevant cell-based models in 2D/monolayer and as 3D spheroid-organoids will unveil biological insights most relevant to drug developers. Some assays require a single cell type; others need multiple cell types as co-cultures or organoids. We aim to help you deconvolute a complex set of parameters to get to actionable data using the latest advanced cell-based technologies and analysis methods.

Tempo-iOsteo™, expediting decision making

We utilized Tempo-iOsteo cells in a study to evaluate whether specific drug candidates should be recommended for additional IND-enabling studies. We custom engineered Tempo-iOsteo from a panel of healthy donors’ and patients’ samples. Samples from patients who harbored specific mutations in genes impacting bone formation were chosen for the study specifically and for the evaluation of the drug candidates. In the absence of any other preclinical models in vitro or in vivo, data from the project’s calcium mineralization assays helped the drug developers decide which drug candidate(s) showed promising efficacy using human relevant preclinical iOsteo approaches and expedited their decision making.

Tempo-iSenso™, reducing off-target effects.

We utilized Tempo-iSenso cells in a study to evaluate potential negative side effects incurred by drug candidates targeting tumors. Neuropathic pain is a common but unwanted side effect for patients. Many chemotherapy medications can cause peripheral neuropathy for patients. We manufactured Tempo-iSenso in bulk (i.e., >200 million iSenso neurons) for the project and performed neurite outgrowth assays. Data from the assay demonstrated clinically relevant effects of toxicity and showed damages on the iSenso neurons over time (specified assay timeline and window). The data helped drug developers expedite their decisions on drug design and selection.

TempoATP™, accelerating assay timelines

We custom engineered TempoATP biosensor into a cell based skin model. LIVE-cell imaging experiments were performed over the course of days to understand how specific compounds impacted cellular metabolism. This technology combination offered unique opportunities to explore ATP fluctuations in a living cell type over time. Instead of spending weeks performing traditional ATP extractions from cells, the researchers were able to visualize and quantify ATP readouts in days.