Human iPSC-derived Pericytes


Human iPSC-derived Pericytes

In the human brain, cerebrovascular function is critical for CNS function. Pericytes belong to an important component of the neurovascular unit. Pericytes function as microcirculation cells and they are critical for the neurovascular unit (which includes brain microvascular endothelial cells, astrocytes and neurons). They communicate with endothelial cells of the small blood vessels and regulate the blood brain barrier. Dysfunctions or deficiencies in Pericytes lead to the breakdown of Blood Brain Barrier. Pericytes are integrators, coordinators and effectors of neurovascular functions including the regulation of the BBB permeability, regulation of cerebral blood flow and clearance of toxin.

Tempo-iPeri™ are human iPSC derived from nucleic-acids-free induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines under a fully defined proprietary neural-glial induction condition. Tempo’s iPeri™ cells are polarized compact cellular structures when plated as a monolayer in cell culture and express biomarkers such as CNPase and ZO-1 using (ICC) immunohistochemistry methods and additional biomarkers such as EDNRA, ENPEP, GRM8, KCNE4, NDUFA4L2, P2RY14, PLXDC1, RGS5, TRPC3, and PLXDC1 using RT/qPCR methods.

iPeri™, anti-ZO1-biomarker, ICC

iPeri™, anti-CNPase-biomarker, ICC

iBMEC™-iAstro™-iPeri™, tri-culture, transwells, TEER measurements

iBMEC™-iAstro™-iPeri™, tri-culture, transwells, illustration


Tempo–iPeri™ are intended for basic scientific research, drug discovery and therapeutics development use only. It is not a product for human testing or diagnostics.

Phenotypic Assays

High Content Imaging

Biomarker Discovery

Cytotoxicity Assays

Target Validation

Lead Optimization

Investigative Toxicology

Nonclinical Efficacy Evalutions

Live-cell Imaging

2D & 3D Cell Culture

Biomarker Authentication

Application Example: TransWell Barrier Assays


~1×10^6 cells per 1ml of freezing medium (vial)

Long-term Storage: liquid nitrogen

Growth Properties: adherent

Starting Materials: human dermal/fibroblast cells were reprogrammed using a proprietary foot-print-free technology.

Storage: remove cryovials (dry ice packaging) and place the vial into liquid nitrogen for storage. Alternatively, thaw and use the cells immediately.

QC: Sterility, Safety; HIV/viruses, bacteria, fungi: negative; Cell viability post-thawing (>90%)

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