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What is the Blood Brain Barrier? Part 1 of a Series

Welcome to our new blog series about the blood brain barrier (BBB)! In Part 1, we will give a brief history on the discovery of the BBB, as well as introduce what we know about its composition and biological functions. The blood brain barrier or BBB is a highly regulated selective biological barrier situated at the blood to brain interface. In simple terms, the role of the BBB is to separate the brain from the rest of the body. This physical separation protects the neurons and glial cells and maintains brain homeostasis by preventing pathogens, drugs, and other potentially harmful agents (such as certain large water-soluble molecules) that may be present in circulating blood from...

Cell of the Month: The Kidney

Most of us will remember from high school biology class that kidneys comprise part of the excretory system and function in toxin removal, maintaining electrolyte homeostasis and regulating the body’s acid-base balance. Beyond this, proper kidney function is also...

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The Lowdown on Transcriptional Reporters

Gene reporter assays have contributed hugely to our understanding of how genes are regulated during growth and development, for example, through the study of spatiotemporal gene expression patterns, as well as how gene expression is regulated by transcription factors,...

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