Tempo-iOligo™: Human iPSC-derived Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells (OPCs)

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Oligodendrocytes belong to the family of glial cells in the human central and peripheral nervous system. They are multifunctional cells and are implicated in many disabling neurological disorders, including adult-onset demyelinating disorders, as well as leukodystrophies and cerebral palsy.

Tempo’s iOligo™ are induced oligodendrocyte progenitors reprogrammed from human fibroblasts cells using a proprietary reprogramming technology. iOligo™ cells are cryopreserved at low passage numbers. Each vial contains ~1.05 x 10cells. iOligo™ cells are characterized via standard morphological examinations and via immunocytochemistry methods against known marker proteins (such as O4, PDGFalphaR, NG2, and CNPase) and can be induced to express MBP upon T3 hormone induction.

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Tempo’s iOligo™: human oligodendrocyte progenitor cells are derived from non-diseased human dermal cells, using integration-free induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines under a fully defined proprietary astroglial induction condition. Tempo’s iOligo (OPC) cells are branched structures when plated as a monolayer in culture and express oligodendrocyte markers such as O4, PDGFalphaR, NG2, and CNPase. iOligo™ can be used under T3 induction to express MBP, a marker protein of more mature oligodendrocytes. 


  • Disease modeling
  • Toxicity testing
  • Phenotypic Assays (e.g., expression of differentiation markers)
  • Research and Development of cell therapies in animal models
  • Studying oligodendrocyte differentiation, function, and myelination

Academic scientists receive a special rate! Find new cell culture solutions here.

Specifications: ~1.05x10^6 cells per 1ml of freezing medium (vial)

Long-term Storage: liquid nitrogen

Growth Properties: adherent

Technology used: an in-house developed proprietary non-viral, nucleic-acids-free, feeder-free, serum-free, and integration-free reprogramming technology.

Storage: remove cryovials (dry ice packaging) and place the vial into liquid nitrogen for storage. Alternatively, thaw and use the cells immediately.

QC: Sterility, Safety (BioSafety Level 2), HIV/viruses, bacteria, fungi: negative. Cell viability post-thawing (>90%).



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Product Use Tempo’s iOligo™ cells are intended for basic research and drug development use only. It is not a product for human therapeutics or diagnostics.