Human iPSC-derived Hepatocytes


Human iPSC-derived Hepatocytes

One of the most widely used cell types in research, drug development, and toxicity testing is hepatocytes (liver cells). Existing liver models (for cell culture based systems) include primary human hepatocytes harvested from donors, immortalized cell lines (such as HepG2), and cells from rodent models. Each of these models suffers experimental limitations. For example, studies have shown that variabilities in hepatocyte functions are observed depending on genotype and environmental background of each donor. Immortalized cell lines are ubiquitously used in research, but they suffer a variety of functional deficiencies that are critical for evaluating metabolism and toxicity of drug candidates. Hence, iPSC-derived hepatocytes are developed to overcome deficiencies found in traditional methods and systems.

Custom Hepatocytes; anti-E-Cadherin antibody

Custom Hepatocytes

Custom Hepatocytes; anti-Albumin antibody


Tempo-iHep™ are intended for basic scientific research, drug discovery and therapeutics development use only. It is not a product for human testing or diagnostics.

Disease modeling (e.g., metabolic disorders, urological disorders, diabetes)

Research and development of cellular therapies in animal models

Phenotypic Assays (e.g., induction of lineage-specific marker proteins, cytotoxicity assays)

Studying liver differentiation

Identifying functional biomarkers

3D Spheroid hepatic assays

Liver toxicity testing for drug development


Characterizations performed: biomarker confirmation (E-Cadherin and albumin); calcium imaging (upon request); CYP metabolism assay (upon request);

Approximate turn-around time: ~14-16 weeks (from fibroblasts or blood) and ~10 weeks (for iPSCs)

Sample requirements: human fibroblasts or iPSCs, ~5×10^5 cells. Please contact us, if you’d prefer to use blood samples

Technology used: an in-house developed proprietary non-viral, nucleic-acids-free, feeder-free, serum-free, and integration-free reprogramming technology.

Deliverables: >2×10^6 cells (scale-up possible). BioSafety Level 2.

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