TempoMito™-iAstro: Mitochondrial Biosensor Assay using Human Astrocytes

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TempoMito™-iAstro cells contain mitochondrial biosensors in human iPS-derived astrocytes. Disruption of mitochondrial functions in human astrocytes has been implicated in Alzheimer's disorder and ischemia. Tempo's biosensor responds to mitochondrial calcium changes and reports in the 605nm-625nm fluorescent range (Excitation/Emission) as calcium levels increase or decrease. With excellent signal-to-noise ratios, these sensors can operate on second-to-minute scales. This tool provides an efficient way of detecting changes in the mitochondrial organelle and enables high-throughput screening approaches for drug discovery and toxicology screening. 

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TempoMito™-iAstro: Mitochondrial Calcium Biosensor Assay using human Astrocytes

TempoMito™-iAstro are derived from integration-free induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines under a fully defined proprietary astrocytes induction condition. TempoMito™-iAstro cells are plated as monolayers in culture and express markers such as GFAP. TempoMito™ biosensor is introduced to the cells using proprietary liposome mediated methods and is expressed in the mitochondria (using marker proteins such as COX IV).


  • Neurotoxicity testing for reporting mitochondrial calcium fluctuations
  • Phenotypic Screening (e.g., mitochondrial toxicity)
  • Chemical compound or small molecules testing
  • Research and Drug Development for human mitochondrial diseases, myelin disorders and neurodegnerative disorders
  • Studying astrocyte differentiation and function, and calcium-mediated signal transduction pathways

Academic scientists receive a special rate!

Specifications: ~1x10^6 cells per 1ml of freezing medium (vial)

Long-term Storage: liquid nitrogen

Growth Properties: adherent

Technology used: an in-house developed proprietary feeder-free, serum-free, viral/genetic-elements-free, integration-free reprogramming method.

QC: Sterility, Safety (BioSafety Level 2), HIV/viruses, bacteria, fungi: negative. Cell viability post-thawing (>90%)


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Product Use TempoMito™-iAstro are intended for basic scientific research and therapeutics development use only. Not for use in human testing or diagnostic procedures.