Author : Olwen Reina

Written on Sep, 21, 2017 by in

“I’m on a juice only diet to flush out the toxins in my body.”

Living in California has many perks, from the sun, to the food, to the diversity of people you meet. One phenomenon I could probably do without, however, are the fad diets! The term “toxin” is tossed about as often and as easily as a frisbee! Here we’ll talk about what toxins are, focusing on neurotoxins, and describe how we test for them.  (more…)

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Written on Aug, 31, 2017 by in

You come home from a weekend away. You can’t wait to jump into your slippers, put your feet up and settle down with your favourite show. *sniff sniff* You start to notice a weird smell and after a few seconds of detective work you realize you didn’t take out the garbage before you went and it stinks to high heaven!

Anyone who has ever had roommates knows that everyone has different levels of tolerance for how often this dull but necessary chore must occur but most of us agree it does have to happen eventually! Your cells agree and they too must make time to take out the trash. This process is known as autophagy.  (more…)

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Written on Aug, 09, 2017 by in

Nature defines skin models as “experimental systems that recreate aspects of human skin physiology, function, or disease”. Skin models include in vitro models, ex vivo cultures, and animal models.

With rising ethical concerns of using animals for certain applications (such as testing skin irritants), research into non-animal models has become very popular leading to several innovative systems we’ll describe here. First however, let’s look at why we need skin models. For a recap on the structure and function of the skin, see our previous article.  (more…)

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