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The increasing complexity of novel therapies calls for disease models that take us closer than ever before to the in vivo situation, to maximize efficacy and safety evaluations of new experimental treatments. Significant improvements in our understanding of mammalian tissue development, homeostasis, and extracellular matrix biology, coupled with advances in human iPSCs (adult stem cells) and 3D culture have facilitated the generation of organoids and organ-on-a-chip technologies that serve as in vitro 3D models of healthy and diseased mammalian tissue. These technologies aim to become an integral part of research and drug discovery to provide novel insights into biological processes, mechanisms of disease, and responses to drug candidates and other treatments.

Tempo Bioscience attended the World Preclinical Congress Europe in Lisbon last month. This congress centers on preclinical research across a broad disease spectrum, and aims to illuminate the challenges and opportunities within early drug discovery and development. This years program covered topics spanning organ-on-a-chip, 3D cellular models, human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC), and artificial intelligence and machine learning in drug discovery, to name a few. Of particular interest to Tempo Bioscience, the meeting highlighted progress as well as challenges with organs-on-chips, with the latter including scalability and adaption of the technology for applications in the biopharma industry. Here, we round up our top 3 symposium highlights within the organ-on-a-chip space.


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