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In addition to their potential for cellular therapy and modeling of developmental processes and disease, mesenchymal cells (MSCs) are rapidly gaining traction in cancer therapy. Although they are not the only stem cells with anti-cancer activity, MSCs are often preferred because of their low immunogenicity and inherent ability to migrate to tumor sites, the latter feature believed to be the result of an inflammatory signaling cascade similar to that in wounded sites.

MSCs have documented tropism for many tumor types, such as breast, brain, and liver tumors, as well as pre-metastatic niches – sites in secondary organs that are favorable for metastasis by a primary tumor (1). Depending on many factors in the tumor microenvironment, including the source and type of MSCs and the cell-surface receptors they express (e.g., TLRs), the type of cancer cells, factors secreted in the tumor microenvironment, and interactions between MSCs, immune cells and cancer cells, MSCs can promote pro- or anti-tumorigenic effects (2).


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