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Written on May, 25, 2018 by in ,

In simple terms, cancer organoids are organoids that are generated from cells donated by cancer patients. In our previous post about organoids, we described their many uses and applications, ranging from disease models, drug and toxicity testing, tissue and organ regeneration, and basic research to improve our understanding of biological processes such as those that govern embryonic development.

When we shift our focus to cancer organoids, it quickly becomes evident that their main applications lie in their potential to shed light on the processes of cancer development and metastasis, to help us understand heterogeneity within tumors via single cell sequencing, and to direct clinicians towards personalized cancer treatments based on patient-specific drug testing.


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Written on May, 02, 2018 by in , ,

We gave you an introduction to mesenchymal cells (MSCs) in one of our earlier Cell of the Month posts. Staying with the theme of recapitulating in vivo development processes (check out our most recent post on organoids), we wanted to take a closer look at MSCs and their two applications that have attracted most attention to date – cellular therapies and research models.  (more…)

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