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Written on Dec, 16, 2016 by in

Wherever you are right now, take a look around at anyone nearby. If you’re alone, picture some people you’ve seen recently.

Consider how hands, hair, mouthes, eyes, on everyone are all different colors.

Everyone in the world is different. We each enjoy different things, have our own unique quirks, have our own outlook on life and we each bring something slightly different to the world. Two such things are the color of our skin and hair.

Of the people around you or who you’ve seen recently, does any one of them have the EXACT same skin and hair color as you? Maybe they’re totally different or maybe they’re close. But I’ll bet they are not identical. Perhaps their skin is more olive toned, or perhaps they’re fairer, or perhaps darker. Even if you have an identical twin their skin and hair will be slightly different in color to yours.

But why are we all different colors?


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Written on Dec, 04, 2016 by in

A friend of my family was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) a few years ago. She was, and still is, a very active member of her community. She hosts prayer evenings, children’s groups to teach virtues, and even volunteers at her local retirement home. One day, we were sitting down together in her small kitchen having a cup of hot earl grey tea and a good chat when I noticed she was favoring her left hand. When she sat down, she gripped her right hand in her left and as she gesticulated to animate her story, she held her right arm tightly at her waist. I mentioned what I’d seen to my mom and she told me about the diagnosis.

Some illnesses and conditions are somewhat hidden allowing us to keep up appearances. With a characteristic early symptom being a tremor of the hand, PD is not so obliging.

Like Alzheimer’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, PD is a chronic, progressive disorder with an unknown etiology and no cure. Therapies, surgery and medication are used to treat symptoms and sometimes delay disease progression and research into several new treatment options is ongoing. There is evidence of a genetic component and further research in this area may lead to a better understanding of what triggers this disorder.

Here, we’ll outline what we do know about PD by focusing on the presumed protagonists of the story: dopaminergic neurons. (more…)

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