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It’s 7am. I wake up full of excitement. I’m 9 years old and today I’m going to have my first Christmas. I slip out of bed. The floor is icy so I dance on edge of balls of my feet to the door. Outside a snowstorm is in full swing. I make it to the plush hallway carpet and scrunch my toes through the fluffy fibers with relief. I hear noise downstairs and excitement soars through me: time for presents!

My grandmother was still driving at 87. She loved to shop, she loved clothes, she loved to die her hair pink and she loved to fret over her grandchildren especially when they made the trip “across the pond” to Baltimore from the Emerald Isle. She has been cooking since before the sun came up and the house smells like fresh pine, butter, bread and chicken. (more…)

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Recently, Cell Symposia celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the seminal publication on inducible pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). An audience of scientists from academia, biotech and pharma gathered to celebrate Drs. Yamanaka and Takahashi’s work and to discuss the future of iPSCs as therapeutics and in research.  In addition, the Gladstone Institute celebrated the 2016 Yamanaka-Ogawa Prize, awarded to a leading developmental biologist Dr. Doug Melton. Here, I’ll share some of the highlights with you and hope to begin our discussion on how the research and development of iPSCs continues to contribute to new discoveries and therapeutics developments.


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This time of year is full of celebrations. From the very end of October to the end of January, there are dozens of holidays from Diwali to Halloween to the Festival of the Twin Holy Days to Thanksgiving then on to Milad un-Nabi to Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanza then Chinese New Years and so many others in between. Whichever days we choose to celebrate, each one has something in common: so much tasty food. Not surprisingly, we go into this time of year assuming we’ll be putting on a few extra pounds or kilos.

Don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat! A sweet tasty boat…

Putting on (some!) weight is fine. So is losing it. What’s a few pounds here and there?

Well actually…

Three pounds of your weight would matter immensely to you if you lost them.

Any guesses?


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