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Written on Oct, 23, 2016 by in

Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system (CNS) characterized by nerve cell activity disruption resulting in seizures. In a previous article, we introduced what seizures are and how they manifest and develop. Here in this series of the A-Z Common and Rare Types of Epilepsy, we are running through approximately 40 distinct types of the condition. It is hoped that this will act as a useful source for those looking for an introduction to the topic. (more…)

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Written on Oct, 11, 2016 by in

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by persistent seizures. Previously, we discussed epilepsy broadly covering what seizures are and how they manifest and develop. We also looked at some of the types of seizures in Epilepsy A-Z: Common and Rare Types of Epilepsy Part 1. In this Part 2 article, we will discuss some of the other types of epilepsy that have been described as a continuation of our Part 1 piece.

To recap, there are around 40 different types of epilepsy each with a different seizure profile. Additionally, each person with epilepsy will experience a pattern of seizures and triggers that are specific and unique to them but that falls within a set of criteria specific to a small subset of types of epilepsy. The various types of epilepsy can be grouped into 4 categories. These categories describe the electrical activity pattern in the brain present during a seizure. Diagnosis occurs using a combination of seizures descriptions, an EEG, an MRI and an analysis of family history.  (more…)

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