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Written on Aug, 21, 2016 by in

A girl is laughing. She is sitting in the kitchen munching on peanuts, enjoying the cracking of the shells and joking with her sister. Her parents are relaxing nearby; all is well. Looking at the clock, the girl’s mother cautions that it’s late and the girls had better go to bed. A short time later, the girls fall asleep giggling together.

A few minutes later, the tone of the house is about to drastically change. The girl wakes up and feels very strange. Her jaw is tight and keep jerking downwards to one side. She feels dizzy. She tries to get up to go down to her parents in the kitchen. She is struggling to walk down the stairs as keeping her balance is getting harder and harder. By the time she reaches the bottom step, she can no longer see and she is crying out to her parents. She hears them rushing to her from the kitchen and feels their hands grasp her. She is in a chair and her parents are rushing around. She feels very hot and starts to have images flash in front of her.

The next thing she remembers is being in the ward of a children’s hospital.  (more…)

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