About Tempo Bioscience

Tempo Bioscience, Inc (Tempo) develops human stem cells (human iPSC technology) based cell models and biosensor enabling technologies for preclinical drug discovery & development, biobanking, in vitro diagnostics, and biomarker development. Our in-house developed proprietary technologies and cell-based products serve as valuable tools for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry.


Leadership Team:

Angela L. Huang PhD, Founder and President: Angela founded Tempo Bioscience, Inc in 2013. She developed, patented, and commercialized Tempo‚Äôs core technologies. Together with Tempo's team, the enabling technologies became available to scientists worldwide. Angela is listed as an inventor on numerous patents -issued and pending- worldwide and has published in journals such as Nature. She received her scientific training from UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco.

Robert "Bob" M. Kay PhD, Chief Advisor: Bob is a biotech-pharmaceutical industry veteran, with 25+ years of experience as a research scientist, corporate vice president of research (GenPharm International), and, most recently, former CEO of Origen Therapeutics Inc for 12 years. He is also the Managing Member of Parallax Biotechnology Advisors LLC. Bob is a member of the Tempo Bioscience advisory board.

Christopher Aguilar JD, Corporate General Counsel: Chris has 25+ years of legal experience as a trial lawyer and in-house general counsel. He has worked with a wide range of companies in their legal and business matters. Formerly, Chris was the general counsel of Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. 

Eric P. Mirabel JD LLM, Intellectual Property Attorney: Eric is a well-known IP attorney and author, specializing in high-tech patents including biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, and business methods involving softwares. His legal articles are cited by lawyers and by the courts, including the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Formerly, Eric was the Head of IP for Tanox Inc and BioArray Solutions Ltd.


Tempo HQ:

665 3rd Street Suites 250&280
San Francisco, CA94107 U.S.A

IRB Reg. No IORG0010965

**Career Inquiries:

Please send CV/resume and Cover Letter to <careers@tempobioscience.com>.
For a current list of opportunities, please see here.