Services & Alliances

Tempo Bioscience (Tempo) develops cutting-edge 2D&3D human cellular technologies to serve the needs of a variety of Research & Development projects and therapeutic areas across different industries. Tempo offers services and alliances based on our advanced technological platforms and a range of capabilities. Our team differentiates ourselves based on a strong commitment to innovative solutions and quality R&D for our partners in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Consumer Products industries. Our clients include some of the world's leading research institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

We offer Tempo Bioscience research and development, preclinical testing & evaluation, and drug discovery services & alliances, using both our biosensor-incorporated stem cell model products and innovative human 3D cellular models.

Our offerings include the following areas:

  • Stem cell based platforms to support drug discovery, validation, and preclinical development.
  • Phenotypic cell-based assay systems for HIT identification and LEAD validation (e.g., high content or multiplex functional assays).
  • 3D Spheroid Assays using custom-engineered mammalian cell models.
  • Target-based diagnostics and evaluations using healthy, patient-derived, or mutation-incorporated stem cell models.
  • R&D solutions for differential expression studies and biomarker discoveries for developing companion diagnostics.
  • Custom-engineered biosensor-stem cell models for consumer product ingredients R&D and Neuro-design.
  • Skin pigmentation and inflammation stem cell models for R&D and Neuro-design.

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