3D Spheroid LIVE-Cell Assays


  • Phenotypic Assays
  • Target-based Assays
  • Chemical compound or small molecules testing
  • High Content Imaging; LIVE-Cell imaging
  • For low, medium, or high-throughput applications
  • Cellular metabolism research
  • Mitochondrial toxicity assays
  • ATP assays
  • Hypoxia assays
  • Signal Transduction Pathway assays
  • Skin Inflammation assays
  • Cytotoxicity assays
  • Cytokine Release assay

Frequently Requested Cell LInes in 96-well Format:

Cell Line Name   Histology Type
U2OS   Bone carcinoma
HEK293   Immortalized Kidney Epithelial
SW 480   Colorectal adenocarcinoma
U87MG   Brain cancer
Hep G2   Hepatocellular carcinoma
NIH3T3   Embroyonic fibroblast, murine
HT1080   Carcinoma (connective tissue)
HCT116   Colorectal cancer
MCF 7   Breast cancer
SW 1990   Pancreatic cancer
NCI-H2126   Non-Small cell cancer
HUVEC   Umbilical vascular endothelium
HeLa   Cervical epithelial adenocarcinoma
CG4   Glial cell line (from rat)
A-204   Muscle epithelial
A549   Lung epithelial cell line
BT-142   Oligoastrocytoma, suspension
NK-92   Peripheral blood, natural killer cells
CHO   Chinese hamster ovarian cell line
NCI-H69   Lung tumor cell aggregate, suspension
ARPE-19   Retinal pigmented epithelial
Beta-TC-6   Beta cell (mouse)
BxPC-3   Pancreatic epithelial, adenocarcinoma
Jurkat cells   Peripheral T lymphocyte, suspension
SW 780   Urinary bladder epithelial carcinoma
MeT-5A   Mesothelium, from non-cancerous
BT142   Oligoastrocytoma
A549   Lung cancer cell line
HCT116   Colon cancer cell line
Primary B or T lymphocytes   ask Tempo Support
NFKB reporters   ask Tempo Support
Mesenchymal stromal cells   ask Tempo Support
Chemokine Reporter cells   ask Tempo Support
cell line of your choice   ask Tempo Support

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Example 1: Measuring Mitochondrial Toxicity Levels using Fibroblast Spheroids


 Example 2: Measuring ATP Levels using Tumor Spheroids


Please send all project inquiries to Tempo Support